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Maxi ICA Stormarknad

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Maxi ICA Stormarknad


Maxi ICA Stormarknad Torslanda

Working in close collaboration ICA and ROL Fredbergs have developed new and imaginative interior design concepts. ICA's highly skilful and experienced concept designers have designed the interior and ROL Fredbergs have undertaken the engineering design to obtain an optimal solution for function, cost and durability.

Such extensive concept development places high demands on technical know-how and also entails extensive prototype production to test and validate ideas, technical and functional solutions.

Importantly it is also ideal to be able to see and compare solutions with different types of materials, colours and shapes. Fredrik Svensson, who has been responsible for the technical design at ROL Fredbergs, says that his work is greatly facilitated by the fast tracking of prototypes through ROL Fredbergs dedicated prototype areas within our factories to allow instant testing of different solutions. Fredrik says, “It helps me make the right decision so that when we present a solution to the customer, I can be confident that it is a good solution. It also gives the client a chance verify their ideas when they can see the solutions in real”