Turnkey project including production of shopfitting for Life in Sweden, Norway and Finland
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turnkeyprojects restaurant concept interior design
turnkeyprojects restaurant concept interior design
turnkeyprojects shopfitting storedesign retaildisplay retaildesign
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turnkeyprojects retail shopfitting storedesign retaildesign
turnkeyprojects restaurant concept interior design
turnkeyprojects restaurant concept interior design

About ROL Fredbergs

We deliver turnkey projects incorporating the concept design and production of interiors to meet client needs in within the businesses of retail, restaurant, café, hotel, office, cinema or other public spaces. Our turnkey service covers the whole process from concept idea to the supporting of your up and running business.

Creating a concept: architecture, concept design including digital communication and visual communication. We can support you or lead you in this process, depending on your needs.

Rollout a concept: project management, engineering, production, sourcing, warehousing, distribution, construction. Through our production units and wide network of strategic partners we can ensure you a great service with a mix of local and global supply of products and services.

Aftermarket concept: We have designed a concept and digital support system to make your daily life easy. When you need support, you can simply use and access our designed process and tools to communicate. Our wide coverage of service partners will be with you shortly, letting you focus on your core business.

We have over 30 years’ experience of producing and supplying shopfitting to retailers, restaurant interiors to restaurants and cafés. We specialize in giving our clients a full turnkey project service and the supply of bespoke ranges of interior systems. As your partner for shopfitting and interior, we are happy to accompany you from the first idea until handing over your keys. Managing a turnkey project is exactly what ROL Fredbergs can do for you.

Fredbergs and ROL Retail merged and is now one of the leading companies offering turnkey projects, with our project offices in strategic countries across Europe. Our Customers are major retail groups and leading brands in the retail and restaurant / café chain sectors.

One face to the customer – we are your direct and single contact throughout every project phase and take responsibility for the coordination of all professional groups. ROL Fredbergs deliver projects from concept to reality utilising our unique blend of contracting and shopfitting and interior production. Our specially created teams of architects, concept designers, construction managers and engineers are at your side and work to give you your perfect turnkey solution. We are your creative partner who ensures that you get a high-quality implementation service and a seamless delivery of your project.

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