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When we manage turnkey deliveries of commercial environments to everything from retailers and restaurants to offices and hotels we inevitably interact with many knowledgeable companies and people. That’s why we created ROL Trends which is our own program to share the latest trends reshaping their industries.

Technology Trends

Learn about the latest technology trends.

Economic Trends

Get insight to the latest economic trends.

Social Trends

What consumer behaviours are shaping the market?

Geographic Trends

Learn about how to deal with geographic challenges in an expanding world.

Environmental Trends

Get the lastest trends related to environmental policy.

Business Development

Get insights into the industry leading best-practices.

Popular episodes

View some of the popular episodes from ROL Trends

Kristian Renström Fagerhult

Sonny Carlsson at ROL Retail Concepts and Kristian Renström at Fagerhult talk about how light design can affect human behaviours and the retail, public space, and restaurant environment.

Monika Lindquist Visual Art

Sonny Carlsson at ROL Retail Concepts and Monika Lindquist at Visual Art talk about the technology trends reshaping the digital signage industry.

Kajsa Hernell NCSC

Sonny Carlsson at ROL Retail Concepts and Kajsa Hernell at NCSC talk about the behavioural trends shaping the industry.