Turnkey service

Feel free to choose and pick those services you want from us. Our definition of a turnkey delivery is when we can become your virtual organisation. We are happy to help with the full-service package but do also feel free to choose from our service portfolio.

From your ideas we can make a concept design of interior, visual communication and branding, digital signage, window display and architectural drawings. We then project manage and coordinate all professional groups and technical building equipment, coordinate the interior concept production from our in-house factories, delivery, installation and continues support of your concept when your business is up and running.

We will help to take the stress out of your operation whether it be a one-off project, or a large scale rollout programme. Naturally we will walk you through the whole process. So, when you are ready to hand over your location to us, you will be safe in the knowledge that on completion we will hand everything back to you to your satisfaction.

Architecture - Inhouse & Partners - Future - Rollout
Concept Design - Inhouse & Partners - Future - Rollout
Installation - Construction - Coverage - Flexibility - Quality - Rollout
Global Group IT Platform - Supporting systems - Quality - Rollout
Project Management - Turnkey Service - General Contracting - Rollout
Prototyping - Inhouse - Metal - Wood - Acrylic - Interior - Rollout
Sourcing - Production - Global purchasing team - Rollout
Customer support - MobileApp - Ticket system - Easy - Rollout

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