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ROL Fredbergs Føtex Shopfitting Forretningsindretning 27

ROL Fredbergs is proud to present our latest delivery of store fixtures to Føtex in Vejle.
The complete store has been refurnished and is now fresh and modern with Føtex’s new store concept. ROL Fredbergs has delivered in-house services such as Project Management, Construction, Architectural design, Drawings and Installation services.
Føtex belong to Salling Group which is Denmark’s biggest retail group with 1500 shops- including a Webshop, Department store, Coffee bars and Restaurants. Føtex has approximately 100 stores in Denmark and offer a wide range of food, nonfood and textile merchandise. From that also the name Føtex which is a contraction of “Fødevarer & Textil”.
Lars Bendtsen who is one of the project managers for Salling Group was responsible for the refurbishment of Føtex Vejle. He has worked hard to get the store ready in time and was pleased with the service delivered by ROL Fredbergs based on our deliveries arriving on time, the good quality of our workmanship and at the right price for them.
The products ROL Fredbergs have delivered to the new store concept by Føtex have now been tested and approved. “Now all design, technical drawings, ERP system setup, production routines are set and the process in ROL Fredbergs for these store concepts to move over into a normal supply planning, coordination, forecast, order, production and delivery process”- says Mico Olsen, Head of Operations at ROL Fredbergs.
Based on the Salling Group being a pro-active organisation, our ongoing focus is to ensure the continued supply of quality service to the already delivered products, and to help them with their new store initiatives and new products. This to continue our close partnership, so we together can keep Salling group profile on the highest level for their store design.