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ROL Fredbergs Life Sport Store Mall of Scandinavia Stockholm 6

Life – Mall of Scandinavia
Life is one of the Nordic region’s leading health retailers with its 345 stores spread across Norway, Sweden and Finland. ROL Fredbergs supports Life with both establishment of new stores and renovations and rebuilds of existing stores. “It is usually a turnkey delivery of a shop and sometimes also dismantling of a store during a relocation”, says ROL Fredbergs project manager Katarina Ås.
ROL Fredbergs would like to proudly present one of the projects delivered, the store at Mall of Scandinavia and the shop concept “Sport Store”. ROL Fredbergs delivers construction project management, architectural design, store layout, construction and installation of floors, walls, ceilings, lighting, shop fittings and signs. “It’s a lot of fun and inspiring projects, ”says Katarina Ås, who has worked as a project manager for three years.