ICA Nära Telefonplan



ROL Fredbergs is proud to present our latest delivery to ICA Supermarket Telefonplan, more than just an ordinary grocery store. Where the staff dining room of Ericsson was once situated you will now find a new ICA Supermarket. The building is, just like the surrounding area, a cultural monument. This area brings back many memories of the necessary break from work and spontaneous lunch meetings. Now ICA look forward to new experiences, meetings and discoveries, with the food in focus.

ICAs store is a modern food market for everybody. Large enough to have cooked food, a snack bar, a pizzeria and a deli. But intimate enough for customers to be served by the inspiring staff and give them the feel that they can sit down and eat, whenever they require. Fredrik Stålnacke has been employed by ICA since 2001 and has managed his own store as far back as 2012. Fredrik is a very experienced gentleman who knows very well how to run a store and more importantly how to run a successful business.

Fredrik tells us a bit of his experience regarding the new food concept, deli and café. “I like best about the concept is that it is simple and stylish. It is easy to customize and change the layout whenever necessary. I like the Deli department, I think the concept is “tasty“ and uniform. It feels exiting and welcoming. The café concept is very pleasing. There is a common thread to the interior design and the surfaces feel well balanced”. On what he thinks is important in the concept, is to give the customers a good experience in his store. “A cosy feeling, an interior that combines the hard metal surfaces with softer details that make it more welcoming. The rib panels and colours give the concept an overall softer appearance. Together with the adjustable shelves where we can display inspirational products in detail. I´m very pleased with the concept design that ICA have developed with technical support from ROL Fredbergs. I can see that ROL Fredberg supplies exiting and modern concepts to us at ICA and furthermore to many other major brands.

Because this was a new establishment I wasn’t very involved in the details of the project but ROL Fredbergs delivery went smoothly, to be honest we didn’t pay much attention to it because we didn’t need to. We also talked to ROL Fredbergs Project manager Henrik Stahre and Technical designer Fredrik Svensson. This is what they have to say about the project. “After winning the tender for the concept, a design developed by ICA, we started the process of technical engineering.

The largest challenge was to find suitable equipment for the warm and cooled food offer. Equipment that was in keeping with the design, fitting into the furniture, having the desired display properties and offering a reliable and functional solution. Thanks to a close cooperation between ICA, the equipment supplier and ROL Fredbergs, together we were able to find a good solution”, says Henrik. “One of my tasks was to make a technical design that is flexible for store owners. They must be able to configurate their needs, but still keep the functionality and design,” says Fredrik.

ROL Fredbergs work as the coordinating partner for the deli and café department in the store. Henrik described how ROL Fredbergs produced the furniture, call off the machine equipment and assemble everything together in our factory. The units are then transported ready to be placed in the store. Henrik says, “by moving the assembly and pre-installation tasks to our factory, we were able to reduce the installation time on site. This in turn had the effect of minimizing the interference of the in-store sales process and making the complete task more efficient.”

ICA want to give everybody who lives and works in the area access to good food and service in their new Supermarket located at Ericsson's old office. The store is 2100 m2 and is situated in a fast-growing popular area. The neighbourhood has been developing a lot over the last ten years.
New building plans for the Telefonplan area were finalised in 2017.In addition to the plan to build a new grocery store, several retail outlets and cafes, the plan included the building of several new houses, a nursery school, new business premises and a neighbourhood park.