ROL Fredbergs is proud to present the delivery of McDonald’s in Västra Frölunda, Sweden. The restaurant is one of the first of its kind in Sweden with McDonalds’ interior concept ‘Natural Integrity’. It has been a very extensive and complex project and the result is a very fresh-looking and top modern restaurant with a focus on giving the customers the best possible experience. The project included refurbishing the roof, expanding the restaurant's dining room, replacing the ceiling, new flooring, replacing all the interiors and installing and expanding the restaurant's Digital signage and ordering system and renovating the kitchen. “I think that I have got the nicest McDonald's restaurant in Sweden” – says owner Ulf Ternström. Ulf has a long experience of running restaurants. He started his first restaurant in 1996 and today he owns 6 McDonald's restaurants.

"The dining room became very bright, fresh-looking and modern. We increased the area and created 50 new seats. The project has resulted in a sales increase and guests find the dining room very airy and inviting", says Ulf. Furthermore, Ulf describers how the project proceeded. “I think that everyone has done a great job and it all went very well and ran smoothly. The commitment and the responsiveness of the project manager Håkan Persson were very good. Any problems that arose were addressed and resolved immediately. This goes for the other members of the team too. I had the feeling that nothing was impossible”.

For Ulf, it was important to be able to keep the restaurant open and to be able to offer a high level of service to the guests during the seven weeks renovation period. "ROL Fredbergs succeeded very well with this. The renovation was planned and carried out in a way that there was always a nice environment for the guests to eat in. Many of the guests could, with great interest, follow the refurbishing work while eating", says Ulf.

ROL Fredbergs has over 25 years’ experience in carrying out turnkey deliveries of McDonald's restaurants. Project manager Håkan Persson says it took five weeks to plan the project, to prepare and coordinate all professions, documentation, and permits before the start of the project. The actual implementation of the project took seven weeks, of which the restaurant was only closed for five days.

"The last five days of the project are extremely intense. This is when the whole kitchen is being refurbished and rebuilt and we are to complete the last elements of the other parts of the building, that cannot be done when the restaurant is open. Many things can go wrong and it is enormously important with detailed planning and skilled and experienced craftsmen. It's stressful but also fantastic when all the pieces fall right into place. It is very satisfying to see the end result grow so fast at the end", says Håkan Persson. Håkan would like to point out that ROL Fredbergs has received a great reception of the restaurant’s staff in connection with this demanding rebuilding. The opening could be carried out according to schedule, thanks to the fantastic staff.