Q8 Kalbygård


Q8 Kalbygård

Q8 have built two new service stations, Kalbygård Skov North and South, located on the new motorway between Aarhus and Silkeborg. The stations are designed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta and they are built on sustainable principles. The new service stations are architect-designed to fit into the beautiful landscape with the deciduous forest to the north and the hills to the south.

In addition to refueling points for both passenger cars and heavy traffic, the Food Deli shop, lounge and restrooms, the service stations also have opportunities for physical activity. It includes a play area on the roof with various play equipment, so that both young and older visitors can have an active break on the journey. The new service stations are built on sustainable principles, so they use 50 percent less energy than similar stations of the same size. For Q8, sustainable solutions and services are part of the strategy for the future.

"We focus on energy optimizing all stations - but now that we have the opportunity to build brand new, we will show how we build sustainably and in harmony with nature," says Helle Dahlgren Skov, Director of Retail & Associations in Q8. “As an energy company, we have a co-responsibility for more sustainable development, and we want to play an active role.

All change starts with ourselves, ”she concludes. At the Kalbygård stations Q8 have installed solar cells, heat pump and LED lights, and the stations are built according to sustainable principles with CLT wood elements and the use of laminated timber beams that are more sustainable building materials than concrete, for example. Architecturally, they also stand out from the service stations you usually meet.

ROL Fredbergs had the opportunity to interview Q8´s project Manager Jan Schjødt. Jan has worked for Q8 Denmark for 34 years. What was the main purpose of building a new Flagship service station for Q8? “It was to create a starting point for a concept, adapted for the future. To reduce CO2 emissions by 50% and to build the future petrol forecourt station”. What where the most critical factors in the project? “Budget, as well as making a functional store in the architect's character frame.” How do you think the implementation of the project has gone? “We had challenges because the builders were not finished on time, so conceptual implementation and building took place at the same time. I think the project was very successful under the conditions we had to work with. The implementation of the store was the part that worked best throughout the project” – says Jan Schjødt.

Project manager for ROL Fredbergs, Maria Sandberg, has worked 18 years for ROL Fredbergs. “This was a very special project”, says Maria. “The somewhat unusual material choices and how they are used in the concept was a challenge for us during the current time frame. In the cash line, bamboo is used together with leather. The new material choices create an incredibly new and exciting concept”, says Maria. The production and delivery of the new concept has gone well, thanks to good communication with Jan Schødt, who has always quickly answered the questions we had. ROL Fredbergs is grateful to have been part of Q8's concept development project. “It's been fun, and I am proud of our delivery. It's great that the customer appreciates our contribution to the new service station, I think the result is very nice”, says Maria.

If you stay in the new stations between Aarhus and Silkeborg, you can experience a new food concept, Food Deli. The ambition is to offer customers fresh and delicious food on the go. The food is prepared continuously so that you are always sure to have a high-quality food experience. You get your food quickly and easily and it is smart to take on the go. The stations at Kalbygård Skov have, as the first, introduced an almost organic bread assortment, a vegan burger and a vegetarian version of Q8s popular sandwich.