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Analog & Digital Communication

The world of retail and hospitality today is in the throes of profound change. Points of sale are no longer just points of sale. Visitors are not just buyers or consumers of a good meal. To hold on to clients in this highly competitive environment, brands must stand out, grow and sometimes even reinvent themselves. Let us introduce ROL Information System.

ROL also offers a unique comprehensive offering within Digital Signage which includes strategic consulting, design, installation, production, software and service & support.

Digital Communication elevates

customer experience

Our system is user-friendly and incredibly easy to use

Manage your content centrally or locally through your browser!

About ROL Information System

The focus with ROL Information System is simplicity and stability. You as a user managing the system can sit wherever you want and easily manage your scheduling and layout thanks to the system being located in the cloud.

The principle of the system is simple. You as a user create your desired content and upload it to your layouts in the web portal. After that you schedule when you want the content to show on your displays.

ROL Information System has offline features that makes it extremely stable. Everything that is uploaded to the cloud is automatically downloaded to every connected unit. If the unit lose the internet connection the player will continue to play the material it has stored locally. Our players and displays are also configured to automatically start when they receive power. This means that if you get a power failure the system will start immediately when the power is back, everything to avoid black screens. Look at the flow chart down below to understand better.

ROL Information System - step by step


Sign in to your personal web portal.


Once logged in, you will be taken to the page where you easily create and edit your layouts.


Now you can upload your content to the server.


You have now uploaded your content and can easily preview it.


The layout is now created, and you have the possibility to schedule it to the display you want. You simply choose what content to display and where and when.


The layout is now scheduled and shortly thereafter start to appear on your screens.

ROL talks digital signage with Monika Lindquist

Sonny Carlsson at ROL Retail Concepts meets Monika Lindquist at Visual Art to talk about the latest trends shaping digital signage in retail environments. Monika has extensive experience working within marketing and communications in various roles at several companies. She has an educational background in psychology and is often invited as a speaker at seminars on digital signage and has lectured at Berghs School of Communication.