Sustainability Report


Sustainability is a part of ROL as an organization and our ambition is that we shall think from a sustainability perspective in everything we do.

We are a global business with production on three continents and almost 800 employees in several countries. In addition to our own production facilities, we have suppliers who provide us with raw materials and components for our products. With our global presence it comes great responsibility for ensuring that our employees have a good working environment, as well as the environmental impact of our production facilities. Since we have the opportunity to affect the situation of our suppliers, we also have responsibility for the impact on human and the environment

The challenges in the supplier perspective include ensuring that our suppliers comply with the requirements we have set in our Code of Conduct. In our own production facilities, the challenges are, among other things, to meet the different cultures that characterize our facilities in three different continents, as well as replace the use of fossil-based energy.