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ROL Retail Concepts are proud to present our delivery to CRAMO Group, who are building a new depot in Stockholm. CRAMO currently have a network of 300 depots across the Nordic region, Central and Eastern Europe. The CRAMO Group is a leading rental services provider in the construction sector and also supplies into the manufacturing industry, the public sector, and private customers.

ROL Retail Concepts and CRAMO Group´s business relationship started 2016 and since then ROL Retail Concepts have developed the interior solutions for their depots and completed many projects for them. Rickard Dahlgren is a supervisor at the new built depot and has worked at CRAMO for 13 years and has therefore a long working experience there. His overall role in the business means that he works as supervisor at two depots in the Stockholm region.

Rickard gave us feedback on his expectations and what was important to him when initiating this project. He said it was “Important to us to get an inviting and functional working environment for both customers and for the people who work at the depot” and also “to give the customer the feeling of being welcome and know directly where to go depending on their needs. Rickard believes that this is achieved by “good signage and easy access for customers to find what they are looking for on the shelves. Also it is important to have a nice atmosphere and a cosy coffee corner. But most importantly to have happy, helpful and friendly staff”.

Rickard has had direct communication with Anneli Hagenfjärd of ROL FREDBERGS who is the Project Manager and the collaboration with her has worked well. But I think she could have spent more time in the depot. “Towards the end of the project, we have made additional orders and late amendments with special solutions. Anneli managed to support our needs and managed to find quick solutions, so that was very good for us! The best thing about the new depot is that it feels light and fresh-looking”- says Rickard. Anneli Hagenfjärd has worked for ROL Retail Concepts for 23 years and has a lot of experience from working for different clients and projects.

Anneli commented on the cooperation with CRAMO and the project delivery. “I like very much working with CRAMO. I have met and talked to so many positive people in their organisation. They seem to have a very good culture in the company. For this project Rickard Dahlgren was my main contact person. From my perspective we have both had a good and positive communication from the start. And that has enabled the project to be delivered to the client’s satisfaction and to quickly overcome any challenges that present themselves along the way. I try to offer a high personal service level to CRAMO and ensure the client is kept aware of our progress at all times and how we have accommodated any special requests they may have made. My goal is always to keep my client happy and satisfied.