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FILA has been a solid player when it comes to Tennis fashion since the 70’s. The similar sport padel has been growing rapidly in Sweden lately. In recent years the number of players has more than doubled every year. Now it’s time for FILA to get into Padel fashion as well!

No1 Padel is the name of the company that has the Agency for FILA Padel in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. No1 Padel has chosen ROL Retail Concepts as their partner to develop a concept for showing their padel collection in the best way possible.

“We have worked close with No1 Padel to make a clean concept, that fits the straight lines of the premium Fila products. The concept also has the target to moves the products in the front, so all focus gets on the products and the Brand.” Says Mico Olsen, Head of Operations at ROL Retail Concepts.

We wish FILA and No1 Padel the best of luck with their further expansions!