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ROL Retail Concepts can proudly present our delivery to Filmstaden AB. With over 10 million visitors a year and more than 35 cinemas in Sweden, Filmstaden AB is Sweden's largest player in the cinema business. ROL Retail Concepts and Filmstaden have worked closely together since 2015, and ROL Retail Concepts is responsible for several turnkey projects, including both rebuilds and new cinemas.

ROL Retail Concepts has worked with many of the surfaces at a cinema. The projects have included shop spaces, cash registers, cold rooms, lounges, and toilet areas. Everything from ceilings, floors and walls to furnishings and digital signage installations are redone. “These are very complex projects involving many professional groups that come together as a whole.” - says ROL Retail Concepts Project Manager, Rickard Fredberg.

Some projects are a bit more unique than others and that’s why ROL Retail Concepts has chosen to present Filmstaden Bergakungen, which is one of the most spectacular cinemas in the Nordic region and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since a large part of the 10,000 m2 facility is built into a mountain rock, the facility is considered one of Northern Europe's most modern cinemas and is also one of Sweden's most visited.

We had the opportunity to interview Filmstaden AB's project manager Åsa Edholm. Åsa has worked for Filmstaden since 1998, and now she works at Filmstadens Support Office, which is responsible for rebuilding and new construction of store areas. Bergakungen is an exciting cinema that we have been with and built from the ground up. We have had different solutions for our shop and lounge area over the years, but the two most recent renovations in the shop area, which were carried out in 2016 and 2017 in collaboration with LBE Arkitekter and ROL Retail Concepts, have been incredibly successful. The flow for our guests has improved significantly. In addition to our fine and well-stocked shop, an exciting restaurant and a café, the Bergakungen also has a VIP lounge, with comfortable leather recliner chairs and a VIP bar where you can have a drink before the film. The VIP lounge includes drinks and popcorn in the ticket price, says Åsa.

What has been important to you in the project delivery of Filmstaden - Bergakungen?

“Communication and a clear timetable are key for a successful project. The presence of project managers for the construction, clear feedback both locally to those involved in the cinema as well as centrally, problem solving and open communication. We are also very careful with details, everything must be perfect and the furniture should have a nice finish. We have got that at Bergakungen”. Working with ROL Retail Concepts feels simple and solution-oriented. I like that we get clear and quick answers,” says Åsa.

What is important to you before you start a project and choose a supplier? "Clear quotes, clear timetable with flags for what can become" show-stoppers ", simple and easy to communicate, focus on delivery as desired, opportunity for possible visits to factories to look at details and quality", answers Åsa. About the result: “Significantly better flow and greater supply for our guests. Simple stands in standard formats that are easy to reconfigure for our colleagues who work with the store. Shop solutions with self-catering and extended range of products for our guests along with nice lounges and comfortable armchairs in our lounges ”.

In this project, the customer-focused on getting a qualitative solution and qualitative delivery of digital signage in the store and cash register area. “It was a fun project, fun to manage, and it’s rewarding when what you do becomes such a positive difference for the customer. Both in terms of appearance and sales.”- Rickard Fredberg. Filmstaden Bergakungen is enclosed in a mountain rock and has a 400 square meter glass facade. Håkan Cullberg is the architect behind the spectacular cinema Bergakungen, which was built in 2006. The cinema has 14 salons with space for 2,260 cinema visitors. Lounge 1 and 2 are the cinema's largest lounges each with 419 seats. In addition to the 14 salons, there is a restaurant named after Fellini's scenographer Danilo and a cozy café. In addition, there is a VIP lounge with more comfortable seating and dining options.