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OKQ8 – Quick To Go



We are revisiting the forecourt store OKQ8 that is next to Landvetter airport in Gothenburg, where the new concept rollout called “Quick To Go” started in 2014. “Since this first store delivery, ROL Retail Concepts have completed about 240 store deliveries to OKQ8 – updating their stores to the Quick To Go concept” – says Maria Sandberg, Project manager at ROL Retail Concepts.

“I´m happy to find the store in such a good shape, after six years in use, it still looks very fresh”, says Maria. During the intervening years OKQ8 and ROL Retail Concepts have developed many updates and additions to the Quick to Go concept.

We had the chance to talk to Tobias Lindmark, Store concept & Brand experience developer for OKQ8, and asked him about our co-operation. He commented that, “ROL Retail Concepts is an important part of our development work. ROL Retail Concepts adds a high level of expertise and the knowledge we seek in a partner rather than a supplier. With its broad knowledge, ROL Retail Concepts adds both business understanding and customer benefit within our forecourt store network”.

What do you think is important in order to give the customer a positive experience in your store? “With OKQ8's wide product range, it is important to always put the customer satisfaction first and always offer the best possible service, whether we talk about food, convenience, car hire, car wash or motorist products. Our customer service expertise guarantees the very best retail experience at our stations.

Tobias also said – “We are constantly making improvements and updates. Credibility, customer satisfaction and sustainability are always on top of our mind. No concept is better than its followers, we are very proud to be able to present a complete retail chain with the same concept across all its stations in the near future. It proves the greatness of the brand OKQ8.”

Maria explains how the retail concept update process often looks like. “The retail concept process normally starts with an idea from OKQ8, it can be a verbal description or sometimes a hand sketch. Then the ROL Retail Concepts design team normally makes 3D visualization as the next step. Often there will be some minor adjustments from the initial interpretation. The following step is for ROL Retail Concepts technical designers to make a design drawing. Often OKQ8 would like to see the solution prior to delivery, we then involve our prototyping department. With skilled and experienced factory workers, we can quickly produce the shop fixtures. In-house we can work with metal, wood, acrylic, composite materials, plus we have a partner network if we need other materials or solutions for the prototype. When the prototype is being validated there might be some new ideas or smaller updates. Then, when OKQ8 are happy with the result, we are all set for a large rollout of the new designed shopfitting concept solution.”
A fresh example of concept updates is the new developed “Energizon” which is being rolled out.

Maria has 18 years’ experience working with concept development and project management at ROL Retail Concepts. Maria feels that the key to achieving client satisfaction includes a few factors to secure a successful concept rollout. “Communication is always key. So many things can happen and an open communication with an honest dialogue is always the best. Then we need an understanding of what OKQ8 needs and the ability to convert the ideas into solutions. Often the timeline is short and there is a need for quick decision making, otherwise there is always a risk to jeopardize the project time plan.”

OKQ8 AB is one of Sweden's largest fuel companies. In 2012, OKQ8 AB in Sweden and Q8 Denmark A / S merged to form OKQ8 Scandinavia. The Swedish operations comprise about 740 stations. OKQ8 sells fuels such as gasoline, diesel, biogas, HVO100 and electric car charging. Many of OKQ8's 350 staffed service stations offer car wash, self-service laundry, car rental and garage, as well as car products and fast food.