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ROL Retail Concepts has delivered the 100th JYSK store


ROL Retail Concepts has delivered the 100th JYSK store.

We are pleased to announce the cooperation between ROL and JYSK.
We have delivered the 100th JYSK store and are very happy and proud of this achievement, and we are continuing to improve our service and deliveries.

The start-up of the project has been challenging to implement in all parts of the project. But at the same time, it has shown our strength in dealing with it in a structured way. The whole organization: management, production, finance department, engineers, purchasing, quality departments, logistics and warehouse has been involved to make this setup possible.

The feedback we got from JYSK Head office in Denmark and the local country JYSK organizations is that ROL after a demanding start, has grown into a trusted supplier! This further motivates us to continue to improve and keep up the good work with all future projects.