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Maxi ICA Visby


Maxi ICA Visby

ROL Retail Concepts would like to proudly present our latest delivery to Maxi ICA Visby. The whole store has been refurbished and It features a completely new store concept. ICA has commissioned the design agency BLINK to design the new store concept. This store is so much more than just an ordinary grocery store.

This project has been going on for approximately 1 year. The collaboration between ROL Retail Concepts and ICA Visby has been working very smooth. ”The key to functioning cooperation is close communication between the different parts, which we really have had with ICA Visby.” Says ROL Retail Concepts Project Manager Henrik Stahre.

ICA has been visiting ROL Retail Concepts HQ in Jönköping to look at different prototypes, to make sure that everything is exactly how they want it.

ROL Retail Concepts turnkey offering is wide, and we provided a lot of our services to ICA Visby. We provided technical design, prototyping, production and installation. This new concept consists of a lot of different materials. Some of the materials that was used is metal, wood, acrylic, printed material, aluminium profiles, lighting and foil.

Fredrik Svensson is a technical designer at ROL Retail Concepts. “My job in this project has been to coordinate our technical team and be the link between ICA’s design team and our design team and factory. I have also been responsible for the prototypes. I think this has been a very fun and exciting project. Everything has worked well, and all parts ended up happy” says Fredrik.

”We are always doing some kind of renewal to the store, where we always try to create more benefits for our customers. With this reconstruction we’re taking the next step. This is a pilot for the superstore of the future, this is the new ICA Maxi.” Says the owner and CEO Moa Lilja.

She continues, ”The new ICA Maxi is based on the changes that we see in the market and the needs we think that the customers will have in the future. Time is something that people don’t have a lot of in the society today. Something we know our customers value and request is flexibility and simple solutions, which is exactly what the new ICA Maxi is about.

This is a really exciting project for ROL Retail Concepts, and it seems that the people behind Maxi ICA Visby think the same.