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McDonald's Haninge


McDonald's Haninge

ROL Retail Concepts are proud to present one of our latest projects that we have undertaken for McDonalds restaurants. This McDonalds restaurant is situated in Haninge, south of Stockholm. The restaurant is now a truly modern and stylish restaurant. ROL Retail Concepts has done a big job in making this refurbishment coming to place.

We have built an addition to the lobby which is approximately 60 square meters. The addition to the lobby consisted of plate, trusses, roof, foundation, facade and more. We also made a total remodel of the old lobby, which consisted of new floor, ceiling, walls, interior and lighting. “The concept that is used in the restaurant is Alphabet, a light and stylish concept that is perfect for this restaurant.” Says ROL Fredberg’s project manager Patrik Holmberg.

Building an addition to the goods receiving was also a part of this project, as well as moving a stair in the kitchen and new surface finishes in the kitchen such as floors, walls and ceiling. Facade works and new signs outdoor has also been done. All of these tasks were done in 10 weeks from February to April 2020.

Right now, groundwork is being done that was ordered afterwards. We are rebuilding the whole surroundings and building a new McDrive with Side By Side, which means that it has double order points. A new patio, moving the entrance and building parkings are also part of the project. This is going to be done in 8 weeks. “An important aspect of this rebuild is that the restaurant doesn’t lose any sales.” Says the project manager of the outdoor parts Christer Ek.

This lovely restaurant is among the 15 McDonalds owned by Landro AB, a company run by Roland Edin, his wife and his sons. ROL Retail Concepts has carried out many projects together with Landro, who also own other restaurants around Stockholm and other parts of Sweden.

This project has been a real success, and the restaurants sales have increased considerably lately.