As part of ROL Fredbergs turnkey offering, we do architectural design work either with our in-house architects or with partners. As a customer, you can always feel safe knowing that ROL Fredbergs handles the entire delivery and manages all the operational tasks included in a project from start to finish. At ROL Fredbergs we have a longstanding history and experience from working in the retail and hospitality sector. ROL Fredbergs considers it an advantage to create building architecture and interior design from one source, and our in-house professionals and partners can plan and implement the entire concept. Before we start designing or redesigning a retail shop or hospitality project, we work diligently with our clients to align all the project details. This creates a better understanding of each project requirements, the clients needs and perceptions about how the final delivery will look like.

When designing for retail and hospitality we put emphasis on suggesting and implementing unique approaches at each step of the preliminary architecture. We show our clients samples of drawings, plan new designs and utilise our proficiency in interior design to come up with different design ideas. In all our projects, we have a high standard and work carefully to include you in all aspects of the delivery and always involve our clients before finalizing or implementing a design. Which creates more satisfied clients knowing that your participation is continually respected.


Select client projects within architecture



ROL Fredbergs is proud to present the delivery of McDonald’s in Västra Frölunda, Sweden. The restaurant is one of the first of its kind in Sweden with McDonalds’ interior concept ‘Natural Integrity’. It has been a very extensive and complex project and the result is a very fresh-looking and top modern restaurant with a focus on giving the customers the best possible experience.



ROL Fredbergs can proudly present our delivery to Filmstaden AB. With over 10 million visitors a year and more than 35 cinemas in Sweden, Filmstaden AB is Sweden's largest player in the cinema business. ROL Fredbergs and Filmstaden have worked closely together since 2015, and ROL Fredbergs is responsible for several turnkey projects, including both rebuilds and new cinemas.


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