Support & Service

Tailored support/service Management throughout the Nordic, Italy, Benelux and UK region when you are up and running. At the core of ROL Fredbergs operations is complex integrated delivery service where we are responsible for all aspects and take a holistic approach to the entire entity of a hospitality or retail, or public environments as cinemas. No other company in the Nordic region has so many Integrated support assignments for customers with complex needs.

Our support system will ensure you to get the assistance you need. You will get access to the system, which provides you with useful statistics and data to help you make your business more efficient. You will have total cost control and can follow up through reports connected to an SLA (Service Level Agreement).



ROL Fredbergs is proud to present the delivery of McDonald’s in Västra Frölunda, Sweden. The restaurant is one of the first of its kind in Sweden with McDonalds’ interior concept ‘Natural Integrity’. It has been a very extensive and complex project and the result is a very fresh-looking and top modern restaurant with a focus on giving the customers the best possible experience.



ROL Fredbergs can proudly present our delivery to Filmstaden AB. With over 10 million visitors a year and more than 35 cinemas in Sweden, Filmstaden AB is Sweden's largest player in the cinema business. ROL Fredbergs and Filmstaden have worked closely together since 2015, and ROL Fredbergs is responsible for several turnkey projects, including both rebuilds and new cinemas.


Customer Success Stories