ROL Fredbergs - We love brands!

We deliver turnkey projects incorporating the concept design, general contracting and production of shopfitting and interiors to meet the needs of clients within the retail, restaurant, café and public spaces such as hotel, office, cinema etc. Our turnkey service covers the whole process from idea to the supporting of your up and running business.

Turnkey services

Creating of a concept: architecture, concept design including digital communication and visual communication. We can support you or lead you in this process, depending on your needs.

Rollout of a concept: project management, engineering, production, sourcing, warehousing, distribution, construction. Through our production units and wide network of strategic partners we can ensure you a great service with a mix of local and global supply of products and services.

Aftermarket of a concept: We have designed a concept and digital support system to make your daily life easy. When you need support, you can simply use and access our designed process and tools to communicate. Our wide coverage of service partners will be with you shortly, letting you focus on your core business.

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